Slavers Ring

Session 6

The evil of the mind flayers makes strange bedfellows.

The companions reached the Isle of the Alchemists attempting to reclaim their sullied name. Upon arriving they quickly noticed the blood stained sand and decided to travel to the lighthouse they had noticed on their approach. Upon arriving they climbed to the top finding a grimlock and a malnourished slave. Black Dow’s bowstring snapped and thinking quickly, he used his massive strength to throw the grimlock several stories to the floor below while Delg buried his hatchet in the back of the slave trying to alert those nearby with a shiny piece of metal.

Having claimed the watchtower they looked about and saw more patrols and a black horn in a granary. They saw the tower and manor attached that they had spied on their approach a few blocks from this horn.

They chose to travel to the horn to prevent any alarms being sounded. Upon arriving by a sneaky approach, they attempted to break into the granary. Lefty’s lockpicking attempts caused quite a racket and left the door unopenable by the handle. Delg followed up by attempting to kick the door in and promptly lodged his foot in the doorway and had trouble removing it until Black Dow backed him up and pulled his leg free. They then smashed through the door and raced up the ladder murdering grimlocks in their wake until they reached the slave attempting to blow the horn and stabbed him real good.

The horn secured it was time to go to the manor house.

The companions first attempted the cellar door, found it was the poop chute and contained a stock of slave for food purposes, then promptly closed the door and locked it back up.

Going back around the front, they rushed the front door bringing down the hallway guard with one chop. They then proceeded into banquet hall where they were greeted by the grisly site of grimlocks chewing on the dismembered remains of those trapped down in the bathroom. While rushing these villains, a grell which had been hiding above the doorway waiting for an easy kill dropped down on to Lefty and quickly paralyzed him and took a bite with his beak. Lefty regained consciousness quickly and ran to the other end of the hallway and tried to unleash his eldritch blast but it backfired sending energy back in to his body dropping him unconscious.

The grell flew over to collect its meal but the others disengaged from their respective fights and ran over to rescue Lefty. It was a close fight but the grell was brought low.

Upon defeating these creature’s they explored the rest of the structure finding a library and a kitchen. A ring of mind shielding was found by Delg. Black Dow found a book on the history of Rangers. Lefty found a history of Raz Zarhan and an ancient text of the Fey written in unreadable characters.

They then approached the tower. They opened the door an 2 Intellect devourer’s jumped out and attempted to take their minds and their feet, but were put down mercilessly.

The companions then found a secret door which led to an alchemy storage room which contained an Alchemy Jug. They then went to the top.

The Seipora at the top with two Grimlocks strapped to platforms for some experiment. They were angry and approached quickly whereupon Seipoar grabbed a jug of alchemist fire and threatened everyone’s life.

Seipora revealed that he was on a path of vengeance and that’s why he had attempted to blow up the Lord. A few innocents in the wake were nothing to him. However his daughter Shandara now being in danger made him regret involving her.

However in addition to the threat of mass annihilation he wanted to make a deal. He had learned some of the Mind flayer threat since he had allied with them to get the necessary materials for his revenge. They were a threat to the world greater than anything he could imagine. While working on the alchemist fire, he had also managed to sneak in some experiments on ways of blocking the Mind Flayers telepathic effects. He still needed more time to figure it out but he would share the recipe if he could discover it.

So in exchange for time and another opportunity to assassinate the Lord Kellington and safe passage for his daughter, he would provide the group with 20 gallons of alchemist fire and the possibility of a weapon against Mind Flayer psionic abilities.

The companions were torn. Making a deal with one who had betrayed them was anathema and left them in a moral grayness, but sometimes both good and bad men have to work together keep the other bad men from the door.


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