Slavers Ring

Session 5

Lefty tells a whopper.

The companions Black Dow and Lefty Lightfoot returned from their journey to rekindle the shrine of Grimnal. As they returned to Kellington Keep, a hooded figure approached them. It was Tsonevan and he let them know they had been found out and they must travel West with an old priest to clear their good names. They were reunited with their companions Delg and TsuNam, who awakened. Tsonevan’s powers had increased with the reemergence of his god into their world and made it possible for him to awaken the monk.

Tsonevan relayed that his god believed something terrible was coming and he had seen visions of darkness overtaking the world and that they, the companions must1
They traveled west for a day and half before being overtaken by a young lord and his retainers.

After a lengthy parley, where the lord made it known that they would be returning with him whether they liked it or not a melee broke out between the lord and soldiers and the companions.

The companions fought valiantly and while 2 fell during the encounter, Lefty and Delg prevailed. The lord and his men were dragged away on their own horses. It was noticed the howling cat seemed to stop following them.

They continued on, eventually arriving at stillwater cove, delivering the elderly man. Afterwards they sold the horses and bought a donkey. They then discovered the whereabouts of Seipora. They took off on their boat across the sea to the isle of the Alchemists.


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