Slavers Ring

Session 4

Rekindling the seat of Grimnal

The companions experienced the explosion. They met Tsonevan who they discovered is half cleric with intermittent powers. They went to his church hidden in plain site. Tsonevan asked them to rekindle the old church and bring the mace of Grimnal to its ancient resting spot.
Additionally lefty Lightfoot met some old members of his house who asked that he attempt a coup against the new lord. The new lord has been cruel and has been selling his former house members to the Illithids. Lefty gave the man 100 gold and sent him on his way.

The companions then purchased some trusty steeds and traveled on to the ancient church of Grimnal. On the way they were harassed by what sounded like a hunting cat. They arrived at the church, and it was spinning for some reason. Within were a couple goblins bringing a sacrifice to their god, a giant spider and its children. The 2 made short work of the goblins and the spiders, they placed the mace upon the altar and the whole place lit up and stopped spinning.


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