Slavers Ring

Session 3

The explosive case of the poorly maintained wagon.

The pcs guided there wagon overland towards kellsworth keep. Enroute they passed by a merchants caravan where they meet Gallivan, the head of this band. They traded in a few simple items. They heard about some events happening further ahead where shouting was occurring. They traveled further along and discovered a runaway slave being hunted by Grimlock. They stopped the grimlocks and discovered they slave had come grin across the northern sea anns some human breeding operation had been set up there. He was allowed to take a name. He chose Dirk.

After this encounter the heroes reached the old waterfall. Lefty got stuck inside so the others had to follow suit. Inside they found an ancient shelter from the apocalypse. They were set upon by the hungry inhabitants but managed to fend off the degenerated humans

They found a wizard study within which contained a book of spells. While examining this a purple worm burst through the wall and into the next chamber. While it was distracted the heroes high tailed it out through the hole left behind.

The heroes went to town. Met shandara. Delivered the wagon and it blew up. Big time.


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