Humanity has been cowed by the Illithids!

Our world was once free. We ruled all the islands and the greatest leaders met in council on the central island. 200 years ago “they” came. They crushed our rulers in one well executed strike and took ownership of the central island.

In the aftermath kingdoms remain but are subservient to these foul creatures actively engaging in the trade of their fellow men to protect their claim to power.

Slavery of man rules the islands and Illithids feast on the brains of those who are weak in their service.

It is not safe for those who wander. And any who show signs of being a threat are quickly destroyed. Slave ships rule the inner sea and massive sea monsters threaten those who sail outside the ring of islands. Who will dare to challenge the overlords? Does a resistance still exist? What’s across the open ocean? And are there any good inns to drink in?

Slavers Ring

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